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Why Are Liposomal Vitamins a Better Way to Get Your Daily Vitamins

Just because people have done something one way for a while doesn’t mean it’s the best option...have you ever considered whether taking vitamins fits this rule of thumb? Discover how an advanced liposomal technology ensures optimal absorption every time.

Discover why our advanced liposomal vitamins have better absorption

Table of Contents

1. Introducing Liposomal Vitamins
2. The Benefits of Advanced Nutrient Delivery
3. Why Liposomes Are Awesome
4. The Importance of Solubility
    4.1 Water-Soluble Nutrients
    4.2 Fat-Soluble Nutrients
5. Halcyon Botanicals Liposomal Vitamin Collection
    5.1 Liposomal Vitamin C
    5.2 Liposomal Glutathione
    5.3 Liposomal Zinc
    5.4 Liposomal D3 & K2
6. All Natural from Start to Finish

      1. Introducing Liposomal Vitamins

      These unique liposomal vitamins are not your grandmother’s vitamins! Our liposomal vitamin collection is backed by science and supported by clinical evidence. Review the benefits of this incredible lineup of vitamins we hand-picked to help you reach your health goals.

      Want to know the best part?

      With an advanced encapsulation method, absorption is enhanced far beyond the standard alternative. In other words, our liposomal vitamins offer the best bioavailability on the market. The better the bioavailability, the better your body is at utilizing these essential vitamins. 

      This advanced liposomal process is 100% natural. It does not use any chemicals; no heat is applied; and finally, no pressure is placed on the nutrients. Combined, this evidence-based technology takes your average vitamins to a whole new level. 

      You heard that right. 

      Our liposomal vitamins are 100% natural: No heat. No pressure. No chemicals. Beyond being safe and effective, the liposomal nutrient delivery system offers a suite of benefits to you as the consumer. 

      Our liposomal vitamins are 100% natural: No heat. No pressure. No chemicals.

      2. The Benefits of Advanced Nutrient Delivery

      One of the most significant issues around commonly sold supplements is low absorption or bioavailability. It doesn’t matter how much of a vitamin we consume if it just passes straight through us. This is why bioavailability is so critical. Without it, the vitamins are meaningless. 

      So why aren’t vitamins absorbed?

      Part of the problem is our stomach and the substances produced inside of it. The stomach produces acid and enzymes to facilitate the breakdown of foods before nutrient absorption. While natural vitamins are protected inside food, supplements enter our stomach without protection. 

      And so, our stomachs can vaporize the nutrients we find in supplements before they do any good. The resulting efficiency can be as low as 1–5%. Clumps of vitamins may move through the digestive system, but that doesn’t mean they get absorbed adequately. When the breakdown of supplements occurs too late in the process, it can produce bloating, diarrhea, and gas. 

      We’ve found a way to protect nutrients and facilitate their bioavailability.

      There is a solution!

      Through advanced scientific methods, we found a way to protect nutrients and facilitate their bioavailability. This method involves encapsulating the nutrients inside liposomes. This process is remarkably similar to what happens in a mother’s milk. 

      As a result, absorption rates increase dramatically. Moreover, consumers report far less GI irritation alongside this enhanced efficacy. 

      These benefits are provided because of liposomes. These protective bubbles help disperse nutrients and ensure they get where they need to go. Learn what we mean by discovering what liposomes are and what they do to benefit solubility and bioavailability.

      Consumers report far less GI irritation when nutrients are encapsulated inside liposomes.

      3. Why Liposomes Are Awesome

      Liposomes are like protective bubbles, and the nutrients go inside. By encasing the compounds inside this protective shield, they can move through your digestive tract with enhanced efficiency. 

      We create the liposomes using lecithin—but not just any old lecithin. We only use lecithin made from sunflowers, never using any soy products. Our liposomal vitamins are 100% natural. 

      Liposomes are like protective bubbles, and the nutrients go inside

      These bubbles also serve to separate the nutrient compounds. Instead of having them clump together, the nutrient compounds disperse more effectively. This helps them mix with the other contents inside your digestive tract. 

      Another significant benefit of these tiny capsules is that they help those nutrients get absorbed into your bloodstream from the digestive tract. Think about it in terms of surface area. What melts faster—a large ice cube or crushed ice? What dissolves into tea faster—sugar cubes or the regular stuff? Increasing the surface area provides more space for chemical processes, like melting or dissolving in our examples.

      We want these nutrients to move through the gut lining and into the bloodstream. During this process, more surface area means higher efficiency. The result is that more compounds of these nutrients get where they need to go. To understand this topic a bit more deeply, the issue of solubility provides plenty to discuss.

      Liposomes help those nutrients get absorbed into your bloodstream from the digestive trac

      4. The Importance of Solubility

      While it may not be a word you use too often, solubility is a ubiquitous part of life. The term “solubility” describes the ability of a compound or substance to dissolve into a solvent. Higher solubility means more dissolving into the solid, liquid, or gas.

      The mixture moving through our gut starts as a liquid and converts into a solid form while producing gas. Most nutrient absorption occurs in the early parts of our intestines while the mixture is primarily liquid.

      Solubility is influenced by a group of factors, including:

      • Temperature
      • Pressure
      • Surface area
      • Molecular preference toward lipids or water 

      As mentioned, the liposomal technology we use increases the surface area overall by breaking up clumps of nutrients. Another important factor involves water and oils. Remember how water and oil separate if you pour them into a glass? That’s all you need to remember from high school chemistry for this conversation.

      Liposomal technology enhances the solubility of water- as well as fat-soluble nutrients

      4.1 Water-Soluble Nutrients

      Vitamin C and glutathione are water-soluble nutrients. Generally, water-soluble nutrients dissolve in water-based liquids with ease. In the human body, these nutrients are primarily absorbed in the large intestine. 

      The water-soluble nutrients are transported by an active process through the cells lining the intestine. In other words, the nutrients need to reach one of the cells lining your gut and be transported through the cell to the other side. [1] 

      This process occurs with each nutrient compound. So, having the nutrients spread out means more of them may be exposed to this trafficking process. With Vitamin C and glutathioneliposomal technology enhances absorption to optimal levels. That said, the fat-soluble nutrients likely see even better gains relative to standard supplements.

      With vitamin C and glutathione, liposomal technology enhances absorption to optimal levels

      4.2 Fat-Soluble Nutrients

      With regard to fat-soluble nutrients, the primary place for digestion is the duodenum. The duodenum is the first segment of the small intestine after the stomach. It is here that bile acids are released to emulsify the fats. In other words, a substance is released to disperse the fatty compounds, facilitating their mixture and absorption. [2] 

      The liposomal technology serves a very similar role when it comes to these fat-soluble nutrients. In a sense, the liposomes act as an emulsifier, dispersing the nutrients. The fat-soluble nutrients found in this liposomal collection include D3, K2, and zinc.

      At this stage, the fat-soluble substances are taken up by the cells lining the gut and are transported out. While this is similar to water-soluble nutrients, the route changes from here. Instead of heading into the bloodstream, these nutrients enter our lymphatic system first. [2]

      Whether discussing the water- or fat-soluble nutrients, the solubility is enhanced with the liposomal technology. 

      Furthermore, we didn’t select just any vitamins for this liposomal product lineup. We picked the best ones. Discover the benefits of each nutrient as we explore each liposomal vitamin offering. 

      Liposomal technology enhances the solubility of water- as well as fat-soluble nutrients.

      5. Halcyon Botanicals Liposomal Vitamin Collection

      We curated this selection of 100% natural and high-quality nutrients for consumers like you. The vitamins and their contents may not be totally new, but what we do with them is wonderfully novel. 

      Our premiere offering of advanced supplements includes the following:

      Discover what each liposomal vitamin has to offer as we review the benefits of these great nutrients. 

      The Halcyon Botanicals Liposomal Vitamin Collection

      5.1 Liposomal Vitamin C

      Compared to regular vitamin C supplements, our liposomal vitamin C provides the best efficacy and absorption rate. This means that more vitamin C compounds make it to your bloodstream—ultimately, maximizing the reductions in oxidative stress this vitamin provides. 

      Vitamin C has the fantastic ability to donate electrons, which may not sound like much, but this effect makes it an essential micronutrient. More specifically, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that plays a critical role in developing certain enzymes. Moreover, it supports just about every task that our immune system has to undertake. [3]

      This vitamin helps protect our skin against environmental oxidative stress. A lack of vitamin C significantly impairs immunity, leading to an increased risk of infections. Vitamin C supplementation has long been used to prevent and treat certain systemic conditions. [3]

      You may have taken vitamin C before, but none can compare with our liposomal vitamin C. Get all the benefits of this vitamin taken to the max. Liposomal vitamin C will keep your body in tip-top shape.

      Compared to regular vitamin C supplements, our liposomal vitamin C provides the best efficacy and absorption rate.

      5.2 Liposomal Glutathione

      Our liposomal glutathione packages all the power of glutathione into one excellent product. This nutrient may be less familiar to you than the others we provide, but we hope to help change that. The benefits of glutathione described below are all optimized via the liposomal technology.

      Glutathione is a critical compound involved in numerous physiological processes. It is a tripeptide (a type of protein) that protects against free radical damage. It plays a crucial role in healthy living and the development of disease. Just a few of the roles of glutathione include: [4]

      • Reducing oxidative stress
      • Enhancing metabolic detoxification
      • Regulating immune system functions
      • Maintenance of redox balance

      Our liposomal glutathione packages all the power of glutathione into one excellent product

      This diverse set of functions demonstrates just how vital this compound is for humans. Glutathione has even been used as a chemical biomarker in the treatment of various chronic diseases. Research has shown that managing your glutathione levels may help promote a healthy life and prevent disease. [4] 

      As you can see, we produced this liposomal glutathione for a good reason. This critical compound is one you don’t want to be missing out on. Try our liposomal glutathione so you can know you are getting all the benefits this nutrient can provide. 

      You don’t want to be missing out on this liposomal glutathione!

      5.3 Liposomal Zinc

      Unlike the others on this list, zinc is a mineral. It must be acquired via our diet or through supplementation. Our bodies need a small but regular supply of zinc to maintain the optimal activity of enzymes, gene expression, wound healing, and overall growth and development. 

      There is only one other mineral in the body we contain more of: iron. 

      Zinc has far too many roles in the human body to even list them all here. Just a few examples of what zinc does include:

      • Helping our immune systems work properly
      • Maintaining cell growth, division, and healing
      • Managing our sense of taste and smell 

      What is even more surprising is that zinc supplementation helps fight against respiratory infection. For this reason, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that many researchers are exploring how zinc may impact COVID-19. But while we wait for results on that front, we already know that this nutrient is entirely essential for healthy living. [5]

      What’s the bottom line?

      Zinc supplements also help prevent and manage diabetes. More research is needed, but zinc has widespread mechanisms of action all over the body. Ensuring we get enough of this mineral is essential. [6] 

      That is why we created this liposomal zinc supplement to ensure that your body stays healthy. Get all the benefits of this mineral in the best delivery system possible with our liposomal zinc. 

      We created this liposomal zinc supplement to ensure that your body stays healthy.

      5.4 Liposomal D3 & K2

      Vitamin D is a unique nutrient in the sense that we get it from exposure to sunlight. This sunlight vitamin helps prevent chronic diseases. Autoimmune disorders, type 2 diabetes, depression, and cancer are just a few examples of conditions where vitamin D plays an important role. Of the different types of vitamin D, D3 is the most natural form, as it is the one humans synthesize from UVB light exposure. [7]

      Vitamin K2, also called menaquinones, has numerous functions inside the human body. For example, menaquinones improve bone health and reduce cardiovascular risks by improving vascular health. Compared to K1, vitamin K2 is more effective at attaining these functions. [8]

      But here’s the big kicker:

      We took these two great vitamins and combined them to create our liposomal D3 & K2. The combination of these two vitamins provides a spectrum of synergistic benefits. The liposomal technology takes it all even further through optimal absorption of K2 and D3.

      Our liposomal technology takes the synergistic benefits of D3 and K2 even further through optimal absorption.

      6. All Natural from Start to Finish

      Here at Halcyon Botanicals, our advanced supplement products are made using all-natural processes. We use only the most sustainable, pure, and natural raw materials in our products. 

      Why use unnatural chemicals and processes when one can instead be guided by Mother Nature? That is why all of our products are 100% NON-GMO. 

      We want to help people achieve healthier living and develop more conscious consumption habits. This goal not only benefits the consumer but also does good for the planet. By using only sustainably sourced ingredients, we demonstrate our values. 

      This 100% natural nutrient delivery system is clinically proven to be safe and effective. And even better—it increases the absorption rate of the nutrients discussed today.