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MCT Powder Vs. MCT Oil: What You Need To Know

MCT Powder Vs. MCT Oil: What You Need To Know

MCT stands for the tricky-to-remember “medium-chain triglyceride,” but if you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re not alone. Not many people have heard about these fat-burning saturated fatty acids that are great for your health.

MCT is made up of three fatty acids that are rapidly absorbed by the body and converted into ketones for energy use rather than stored as body fat.

MCT has beneficial effects on weight loss, cognitive function, and energy levels, and it also acts as a natural antibiotic and antifungal.

It’s found in some foods such as milk fat, coconut oil, and palm oil, but taking a supplement means you’ll get all the benefits each day.

Why MCT Powder Is Great for Your Health

MCT is a healthy fat that’s immediately converted into energy. Here are some of the ways it’s great for your health.

Weight Loss

It provides an instant form of energy that’s used immediately to help achieve and maintain ketosis instead of being stored as body fat.

It also makes you feel fuller, which decreases the need to snack. A healthy weight helps prevent heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol—some of the biggest killers of the modern age.

Cognitive Function

The instant energy boost of MCT also increases your cognitive function and benefits long-term brain health, even protecting against Alzheimer’s and other forms of degenerative brain disease.

The instant energy boost of MCT increases your cognitive function.

Improves Gut Health 

MCT is a natural antibiotic, an antifungal, and helps prevent yeast buildup.

Improves Blood Sugar

Because MCT doesn’t spike sugar levels, it can play a part in diabetes management. The fat-burning and fat-reducing properties of MCT may cause diabetics to require less insulin, making it easier to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Treats Epilepsy 

Some studies indicate that increased consumption of MCT has led to improvements in epilepsy symptoms, but more research is needed.

MCTs are great for your overall health, boosting weight loss and cognitive function to aid disease prevention. There are barely any side effects if it’s taken at the recommended dose.

What Are the Differences Between MCT Oil and MCT Powder?

MCT can be consumed in two main forms—oil and powder.

The oil form of MCT has been around for years, and the powder form is the newest offering.

MCT powder is created by taking the oil and spray-drying it. This is a tried-and-tested method in the food industry—it simply evaporates the liquid aspects of the oil. Coffee and powdered milk are made this way, too.

After the MCT oil is spray-dried, it is bound to a carrier material to create the powder form. The carrier is often a fiber, but you should make sure that you buy a top-quality powder so that the carrier is not cheap starch.

Starch is a carbohydrate that can raise insulin and reduce some of MCT’s ketosis benefits. Choose a high-quality fiber carrier for the best results.

Both powder and oil have health benefits, so the one you choose depends on your lifestyle and how oil-tolerant your gut is. If you’ve had digestive problems with MCT oil in the past, it’s worth trying again with the more modern powdered version.

Why MCT Powder Is Better Than Oil

4 Reasons MCT Powder Is Better Than Oil

MCT oil is an excellent way to boost your body and brain health. It’s well tested and there’s plenty of research to back up its claims.

Oil doesn’t require an extra spray-drying process and it’s great as a salad dressing, but MCT powder is so much more convenient and gentler on your digestive system.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons MCT powder is better than the oil form.


Gentler on Digestion

MCT oil can cause diarrhea, bloating, and embarrassing gas. Oil of any form can cause this effect on susceptible individuals.

In comparison, MCT powder is far more tolerable by your digestive system. This means you can take an amount that suits your ketosis goals without an upset stomach.

If you have a sensitive digestion and want to use MCT, choose the powdered form, start with half the recommended amount, and gradually increase it over a few days. This gives your gut time to adjust.

MCT powder is more tolerable on your digestive system than oil.

MCT Powder Is Portable

Storing and carrying liquid is tricky, especially when it's a difficult-to-clean-up liquid like oil.

If you’re the type of person who doesn't eat much breakfast, taking MCT powder to the office so you can enjoy it in a coffee is much easier in powdered form. An oil spillage in your handbag is disastrous.

MCT is often sold in individual sachets for convenience, but if you buy bulk, simply transfer it to a sealable Tupperware for no-fuss transportation.

Easy to Cook With

One of the major issues with MCT oil is that it's not really practical to cook with. If you don’t like swallowing raw oil (and who does!), the powder version is more appetizing.

MCT oil has a low smoke point, which means you can’t cook with it. The best way to consume MCT oil is drizzled on a salad or in a smoothie, which isn’t convenient every day of the week.

In comparison, the powder can be combined with any ingredients for baked meals or stirred into sauces.

MCT powder can be combined with any ingredients for baked foods.

It’s Better in Your Hot Drink

There’s nothing worse than coffee with a topping of oil slick.

Adding MCT to hot drinks is a great idea, but when it’s in oil form it can really put you off. Because the benefits of MCT are heightened if you consume some every day, making sure you enjoy it is important.

Powder MCT easily absorbs and gives your coffee a tasty, rich flavor, so you don’t need a separate calorie-laden, tooth-destroying creamer.

MCT Powder gives your coffee a tasty, rich flavor, so you don’t need a separate creamer.

Why Choose MCT Powder over Oil?

Both powder and oil versions of coconut-derived MCT are healthy, nutritious, and keep ketosis maintained.

They’re of equal benefit for weight management, boosting cognitive function, and improving disease prevention—the major difference is the way MCT is delivered.

It’s best to choose a delivery method that suits your lifestyle.

MCT powder is typically easier to use, with many people simply adding it to a cup of coffee instead of a fatty creamer each day.

Given MCT powder is easier to consume and softer on the digestive system, it’s usually the best choice for busy individuals who don’t have much time to spare but want a fat-burning, keto-friendly energy boost.



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