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About MCT Formulation

MCT Creamer with L-Theanine- A Powerful & Effective Way To Supercharge Your Coffee

Our MCT Creamer has been specifically designed with your health and your convenience in mind because being healthy shouldn’t slow you down.

That’s why MCT Creamer With L-Theanine is great on-the-go or when you just don’t have the patience to play mad scientist in your kitchen.

We’ve taken all the healthy benefits of MCT oil and refined them down to an easy to mix powder that you can stir or blend in for a consistency you barely notice in your coffee.

Whatever your choice it makes the perfect coffee companion.

We’ve constructed our MCT Creamer With L-Theanine from the ground up with the highest quality ingredients and a superior manufacturing process.

It contains 50% Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) derived from high quality oils and 0 sugars.

It is a spray dried powder manufactured from MCT with cutting edge microencapsulation technology.

It’s neutral in odor and taste which makes it perfect to combine with the antioxidants found in your morning cup.

But...Does adding MCT Powder to your morning coffee make that big of a difference?

The science says it does….

You’ll notice its energy boosting effects kick in after about 30 minutes. Plus they’ll last for several hours longer than what you get from the caffeine in a cup of coffee.

So while your morning coffee will get you UP, MCT with L-Theanine extends that alertness throughout the day and helps you avoid that jittery crash.

The way MCT’s do this is because of how our body reacts to them.

So What Are MCT’s Anyways?

Ever had someone tell you that eating fat is ok, as long as it’s “healthy” fat?

Well - meet your healthy fat!

MCT’s, short for Medium Chain Triglycerides, a form of healthy fats that have numerous health benefits, ranging from better brain function to faster weight loss.

Due to their shorter chain length, medium-chain triglycerides are more rapidly broken down and absorbed into the body. This makes them a fast energy source to fuel your brain and body instead of requiring a pitstop in the liver for processing. Additionally, they are not likely to be stored as fat.

The health benefits are hard to beat...

Powerful Brain Fuel

Your brain loves MCTs just as much as your body does. And since they’re a clean source of energy, you brain uses them fast. In fact, your brain uses MCTs more efficiently than carbs.

If you’ve ever loaded up on carbs in the morning and then found you just can’t focus at work, it’s because your mental supercomputer is busy helping the rest of your body “process” all those carbs.

With MCTs, your brain is able to stream instead of process, clearing your brain so it feels more focused, alert, and ready.

This allows for an abrupt boost of energy and increase in metabolism which is exactly why MCT’s are also...

The Ultimate Way To Burn Fat...

Let’s back it up for a second...remember those nasty oils that your creamer has in it?

Well, they’re made by mixing a natural oil with a nasty metal compound like nickel, or aluminum. What they end up with is either a semi-solid (partially hydrogenated) or solid oil (just hydrogenated).

If oil and metal in your coffee doesn’t turn you off, then maybe the added weight gain will!

While your body appreciates the metabolism boost of the caffeine, this goopy, almost plastic oil slows it right back down.

It’s like buying a new Ferrari and then racing it in the snow.

Instead, MCT oil significantly boosts the number of calories your body burns in a day.

And compared to other types of oils, they’re just a no-brainer…